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lollipop fashion

It’s not really any secret that we all love candy, but shiny-sweet lickable lollipops have a little bit extra to offer this time of year.  Whether it’s golden delicious, or sinfully cynical, these hot little lollies pack a powerful and sugary punch.

pink potion fashion

And speaking of punch, our hearts are getting thirsty for a little dose of love potion.  The classier the elixir, the more potent the amorous output.  Talk about the truth behind the elusive pinktini.

sweet cupcake fashion

If you feel like you’re headed for a sugar crash, there’s just one thing to do: re-up on the sweet stuff like it’s going outta style.  With a new color of cupcake to match every saccharine mood, you’ll be feeling the fashion rush long after the love sprinkles have dissolved.  Dessert, anyone?

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