Jewelry Fashion Fix: Got a Whole Lotta Love

by Lorna

Paper Heart

 heartbreak fashion

Does your heart seem to be extra easy to break?  Like a flimsy paper valentine, the human heart is quick to (metaphorically) tear, so why not nurse that broken heart with a little tender love-hating care.

 down with love belly rings

Heartfelt Beauty

 heart and love based beauty

Blood may be blue, but hearts are red and pink.  Feminine, flirty, cute, and cool; there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with a little heart, even if it is a temporary solution.

 temporary tattoo art with heart motifs

Coming Up Roses

 rosy style

Foster a rosy outlook on life, with pretty floral bling that could make any girl feel special.  Afterall, a rose by any other name would smell (and sparkle) as sweet.

 gorgeous red rose body jewelry

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

 heart fashion and jewelry

There’s no better way to spend a season of love than by letting your fashion-forward side show a little vulnerability.  Wearing your heart on your sleeve, or your finger, or your nose, shows the world that you’re more than a pierced and pretty face.

 fun heart body jewelry

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

by Lorna

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