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Watch as the lovely Kaitlyn gets a double belly piercing.  That’s right, we’re talking piercings on the top and the bottom. Look for the needle insertion at about 26 seconds.

The site of the bottom belly piercing is marked for accuracy.  The placement of the mark is double checked, then our modification enthusiast is told to take a deep breath, and lets it out as the needle is inserted.  The master piercer then corks the needle to avoid any unnecessary pokes, matches up the jewelry with the free end, and slides it through smoothly, adjusting and tightening it as needed.

 belly piercings being performed

Belly piercing aftercare is much like that of other piercings, with sea salt soaks and washes often being recommended, along with avoidance of alcohol, knocking or bumping the area, and use of potentially irritating lotions or perfumes.  Initial healing can take place in as little as eight to twelve weeks, with complete healing sometimes taking up to a year.

Kaitlyn’s belly is looking awesome after her new piercings, which pair with an already existing dermal to make a beautiful set of navel adornments.

 Double Belly Piercings

For more candid close-ups of real piercings being performed, subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

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