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frog themed jewelry fashion

In honor of the infamous Frog Jumping Day, we’re busting out the froggie wear in a big way, and hitting up some of our favorite amphibians for a little six pack inspiration.  With belly baring weather just about here, everyone is looking for a little midsection tuneup.  So here are two frog moves that will totally make your core feel the burn:

the frog's legs crunch

A. With your feet together, bend your legs up like a frog and raise your head and chest off the floor into a crunch position.

B. While holding the crunch, straighten your legs out as much as you can, keeping feet together and legs off the floor. Repeat eight times before lowering your crunch.

That’s one rep.  Do four to eight reps and you’ll definitely feel it.

frog's leap core exercises

A. Squat down into a frog-like position, keeping your feet together, arms at your sides.

B. Launch yourself up into a leap, straightening your legs and lifting your arms towards the sky.

C. Land, squatting back down into starting position.

That’s one rep.  Do three sets of ten for an awesomely strong and stable core.

fun frog body jewelry

Now all you have to do do is get your froggie fashion on, and you’ll be set for the day!

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