Video: Jazman’s Tongue Piercing – Up Close and Personal

by Lorna

Hungry for some sweet new piercing videos?  Well here we are to feed you the freshest, realest, up-close encounters where needle meets fabulous and willing flesh.  This week’s flavor: tongue piercing.  Check it out.

 Jazman getting her tongue pierced

Meet our friend Jazman, who’s been wanting a tongue piercing for some time now, and watch as she finally experiences the rush.  From cleaning to marking, piercing to cork, we deliver the goods with a front row seat.

Wanna steal Jazman’s look from the video with coordinating steel pieces for all your fave piercings?  Just click through below for a wide selection, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our awesome YouTube channel for more piercings, jewelry fashion, and fun.

Tongue Rings

by Lorna

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