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Southern Gothic Fall Styling

With the Halloween season looming, and a wealth of parties and Fall events to attend, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear.  So since it’s our mission to make body jewelry fashion fun, easy, and on point, we’re here to explore one of the coolest creepy styling trends that’s exploding this year: Southern Gothic.

 the rich and eerie Southern Gothic aesthetic

While Southern Gothic art and photography are meant to create a very rich and atmospheric snapshot of rural Southern life, the impact of jewelry and accessories as part of a fashion style is often more subtle, so it’s important to choose the right pieces.  A good rule of thumb is to start with one or two statement items that evoke the creepy feeling you’re looking for, and then build around them using coordinating elements.

 cross body jewelry

For traditional vintage costuming, you’ll want a more luxe and decorative look, especially if you’re layering laces or petticoats.  As far as regular get-togethers where the clothing style is casual and has gentle vintage hints, more low-key focal items in antiqued metals and saturated jewel tones definitely do the trick.

 antiqued body jewelry

If everything is in balance, the overall look will be opulent enough to draw attention to its own details, while creating a distinctly Southern air and a slightly unnatural feel.  Just add some pin curls and a retro 40s clutch purse, and your enchanting Fall style will be a force to be reckoned with.

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