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Retro fifties and sixties styling gets a fabulously fun modern overhaul that turns vintage kitsch on its head and gives whole new meaning to the phrase “stuck in the suburbs.”

Key Points:

traditional retro hairstyles with modern color treatments like ombre looks, dip dye, or rainbow coloring

fifties florals and touches combined with neon or bright coloring and harder detailing

the edginess of the retro biker aesthetic blended with ladylike vintage and touches of  modern kitsch

sixties fabrics cut in modern shapes or vice versa, creating a juxtaposition of old and new

black and white art and vintage comics

Key Pieces:

Plugs, tunnels, tapers, and cheaters with retro art or motifs

Body jewelry that utilizes retro diner food, sweets and malts, and sign art

Modern takes on rebellious fifties kitsch, like cherries and other rockabilly styling elements

Accessory items featuring classic comic book characters and retro comic typefaces

The coming together of 1950’s vintage styling with modern clothing cuts, updated color usage, and satirical American heritage elements creates a look that both reveres and pokes at traditional wholesome suburban values. The use of retro typefaces and pop art graphic styles serves to amplify the sense of rebellious, youthful fun, and gives a sort of deconstructed malt shop feel. Perfect for escaping the disillusion of modern youth culture common to suburban living.

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