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It’s almost Mother's Day! All of the soon-to-be-mamas whose buns are still in the oven are getting ready for an amazing experience... But for those mamas who are modified, there can be some pitfalls that occur during pregnancy, and that’s enough to ruin anyone’s baby glow. Time for a little maternity troubleshooting!

For those who have a navel piercing that they’d like to keep, there’s a great solution for safety, comfort, and fit: the pregnancy belly ring.

This type of belly ring includes an extra long barbell made out of flexible, biocompatible material. It’s nickel and lead free, non-metallic, and because it bends with the skin as it stretches, it’s nice and comfy. And the best part? The long shaft of a pregnancy belly ring can be sliced on an angle to any desired length. Then all you have to do is twist the ball on and off a few times, and the newly clipped barbell will self-thread. Voila! A custom, pregnancy belly ring.

In case of any medical testing or surgical procedures that may require all metallic jewelry to be removed, there are non-metallic retainers for a huge variety of other piercings too, many of them also made with comfortable, flexible bioplast.

And if cleaning certain piercings starts to become difficult, no problem. Pre-mixed safe and effective aftercare products make cleansing easy. There are even natural holistic products containing soothing aloe that come ready and waiting inside a disposable cotton swab.

For those who have nipple piercings, the American Pregnancy Association recommends that jewelry be removed if you’re planning to breast feed, as the pieces then become a choking hazard. But for women who plan on using formula instead, piercings can be kept, and may require the switching of captive jewelry to flexible barbells for comfort.

Fun Fact: In traditional Indian medicine called “Ayurveda,” piercings of the nostril are believed to assist in feminine health and lessen the pains of childbirth.

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