The Role Of Piercing In Self-Expression And Body Positivity

The Role Of Piercing In Self-Expression And Body Positivity

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     People get piercings for a virtually endless range of reasons. Some are trying to make a statement, some are trying to become closer to who they feel they truly are inside, and some just like the jewelry. No matter what the reason, piercings all have one thing in common – they make us feel better about ourselves! (You know that feeling on the day you get a new piercing, where you keep looking in the mirror and are just awed by how much you love your new addition? That’s what we’re talking about!)

     Piercing can be a very empowering experience. You walk out of the studio with a new strut in your step, feeling like a badass and rocking that jewelry like royalty. You can even carry that newfound confidence into the rest of your life because you know that you look amazing and had the courage to get pierced and get the piercing that you wanted. And once that piercing is all healed up and you have your final jewelry in it, you can’t help but love yourself a little bit more. And that feeling actually accumulates with each piercing that you get. One might say that they are habit-forming, but really aren’t we all trying to become better versions of ourselves? And if some fresh body modifications help you reach that place of self-love, that is totally a deal you can’t turn down.

     Another thing that piercings can accomplish is helping to break down that stereotype that people have of the modified. They assume that only bikers get tattoos, that only people who don’t have careers get facial piercings, that facial tattoos will keep you from getting any job, anywhere. That said, there are tons of people out there, ranging from the lightly pierced to the heavily modified, with serious careers, that have families and friends, and who have no idea how to start a motorcycle. If one is to be more visibly modified, one should remember that they are an ambassador of sorts for the rest of the modified population. People may look at you and judge all other modified folks by the actions of a few. So, be a good ambassador and remind the world that a tattoo or piercing doesn’t have to prevent you from living your dreams. In fact, they can be a part of those dreams! (And if you do in fact ride a motorcycle, please remember that whether or not you are modified, to please wear a helmet. We love you and we want you alive.)

     Another role of piercings and other mods is simply as visual art. Your body is a blank canvas at birth. While some people prefer to keep it that way, others like to decorate! Your mods can be a simple accent to draw attention to your favorite features, they can be a record of special moments in time which you’ve chosen to commemorate, or they can just be there because they’re pretty. Not every piercing needs to have some deeper meaning behind it. Sometimes we just like how they look. And that’s ok too! Again, it’s your skin. And whether you want to just get a few extra accents on it or you want to cover it in sparkly gems and charms, it’s all about what makes you feel good about living in that skin that you’re in.

     No blog post would be complete without a few simple reminders. Proper aftercare is vital to proper healing. Sterile saline wound wash will keep a piercing clean and happy while it heals. Don’t touch or play with your jewelry, and especially don’t do either of those with dirty hands. Make sure you go to a reputable piercer who uses ASTM F-136 titanium jewelry. Nothing is a bigger bummer than having your wonderful new dream piercing turn into an irritated, bumpy nightmare. (And if that should occur, go see your piercer for help. Please DO NOT apply things like tea tree oil or boiled salt water. These will make your problems worse.) People get modified for their own reasons but at the end of the day, there is one thing we all have in common – we get them because we love them. So show the world that you can be confident, empowered, employable, and modified. There is no reason why your piercings should stop you from having the life or the look that you want – they should give you the self-confidence to get out there and get it!

Happy piercing!