Steal Her Style: Kylie Jenner

Steal Her Style: Kylie Jenner

     You can hardly open your browser or news app these days without seeing Kylie Jenner’s name. But even more so, you can’t escape Kylie Jenner’s ear. Why? Because of the series of piercings down her helix with jewelry that spells out her name! Of course a look that unique is going to be news! And if you, too, want a newsworthy look for your piercings then read on because we are going to talk about how to make that happen!

Instagram/ @kyliejenner

    It would be simple enough to just straight out copy Kylie’s look. But what if you don’t have helix piercings? What if your name has far too many letters in it to possibly fit on your ear? What if you want a matched look but with a different theme? The answer to this is a thing called “curation”. Curated ears are when the entire ear is designed to match in some way. You can do this with any number or style of piercing. You don’t even have to stick to the ears, you can do this with facial piercings as well. (Imagine, a face full of piercings that all match one another! What an absolutely slick look that would be!) So now that we have your attention, and this is something you want (we know you want it!), how do you go about getting it?

     There are multiple themes you can use to curate a look. First would be metal type. All titanium jewelry is classic, unadorned, and rather industrial looking. It is the epitome of punk. Or if you prefer a modernist, feminine touch, why not go with all rose gold? When doing a curated look, you can choose from whatever shape or details you like, so long as you stick with the theme. Making color your theme makes it really easy to find matching jewelry for every piercing and allows those pieces to be as simple or ornate as you please.’

     Another theme you can use for a curation is gemstone. These can be real gemstones, or they can be faux, so long as they match. Opals continue to be very hot right now and the abundance of both synthetic and faux opals means that their cost is far less than the real thing. (Plus the range of colors is dazzling with opals in all kinds of colors including purple, green, and pink!) Or perhaps you may wish to go with your birthstone. This can also be done on a budget by using cubic zirconia or even just imitation gems. One of the nicer parts of using gem color as your theme is that it includes the option of matching plugs for people with stretched lobes. Semi-precious stone plugs are not only easily available but comfortable and bio-compatible if cared for correctly.

     A third way to get a curated look requires a bit more thought. This is achieved by working with a theme. This look is commonly seen around holidays, particularly the winter holidays and Halloween. But you can do this any time of the year if there’s a specific look you love. Are you big on bats? Are you a fan of florals? Are you crazy about kitty cats? The one thing to remember is that you’re going for a cohesive look here, so it is important that all the pieces match and the easiest way to achieve that is to get all the pieces in the same finish. If you have two cartilage studs with different cat-themed ends, a captive bead ring, a cat-themed industrial and a plain horseshoe, they will all look quite deliberate and matching if they are the same finish. (Or, of course, you can have pieces that literally match with the same charm, but you may wish to change it up by adding some basic pieces for contrast.)


    We're pretty sure anyone under the sun can put together a curation that will fit their style but if you're the type who likes to leave it to the pros, we have some curations pre-designed just for you by our always-on-trend piercing stylists. Click through to add instant flair to your look: shop stylist designed curations

     You don’t have to be Kylie Jenner to “borrow” her curated look. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and remembering to stick to your theme when you go jewelry shopping. Curated piercings are super hot and don’t appear to be going away any time soon. It’s very easy to get in on this trend with just a few basic decisions and some thought about what kind of look you want to achieve. You too can have some marvelous, matching piercings! (And don’t forget to let Body Candy help you with your shopping!)


Happy piercing!