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tools for stretch mods

Even if we’re not including the earlobes, most of us can say we have at least one piercing or tattoo, but what about other types of modification?  Stretched piercings, also known as “stretch mods,” are popular primarily in persons 29 and under, and depending on where you live, what industry you work in, or who your friends are, you might be the only person in your social group who has them.

 rarety of stretching

In areas where stretch mods are uncommon or body mod in general is less popular, it can be hard to find the resources you need in the community, particularly if there aren’t any veteran modification artists close by.  But thankfully there are a few tools that are still within easy reach.  For those who are interested in stretching but don’t have access to in-parlor stretching services, there are home stretch kits that can still expedite the process.  These are kits (usually composed of tapers or tunnels) that include a full range of sizes between where you are now, and where you want to be.  For example, a set that goes from 14 gauge to 00 would contain a taper in both of those sizes, as well as the 12 gauge, 10 gauge, 8 gauge, 6 gauge, 4 gauge, 2 gauge, and 0 gauge inbetween.

 nine piece home expander kits

This ensures that small increments are taken when you stretch, lessening the risk of irritation or blowouts, both of which can pose an issue for mod enthusiasts who dead-stretch.  The use of special lubricants or stretching balms is good too, and for those who have sensitive skin or like to take things slow, interchangeable tapers are also an excellent choice.

 tunnel to taper interchnageable sets

These will come with three separate parts: a taper tip, a tunnel tip, and a screw-on backing.  When the taper and tunnel portions are screwed together, they pass through the ear like a regular stretching taper, and once the tunnel side is properly in place, the taper can be removed and the back screwed on to create a regular flesh tunnel plug.  This allows for the tunnel of a new larger size to remain in the fistula following the stretch, assisting with the transition.

For more about stretching, plug jewelry, and sizing, check out the rest of our Plugs and Gauging category.  Happy stretching!

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