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what you need to know

Toe rings are a fun and feminine accessory, perfect for the summer and early fall (otherwise known as sandal season).  But there are a few key points that it pays to know before shopping for any new tootsie bling.

Style- Toe rings come in many different styles, but commonly can be categorized into just two basic types: adjustable, and one size fits all.

 Adjustable and One Size Toe Rings

Adjustable toe rings include those with a wrap around band that are easily pulled open and squeezed shut to fit, those with a standard adjustable band that’s left open on the underside, and specialty items that are “double toe,” or rest under two adjacent toesies with openings at the top instead of underneath.  These items will fit most every consumer, and are adorned with a variety of gems or charms, kind of like cocktail rings for your feet.

“One size” toe rings also come in many styles, including stretch, illusion, and full band.  Stretch or illusion rings will have enough give to accommodate a range of toe sizes and shapes.  The rarer full band or solid band items will normally be found in a ring size three or four, which is generally able to fit at least one toe, sometimes more.

 standard sizing for toe rings

Materials- As fine jewelry, toe rings are often made of higher quality material than average costume jewelry.  This includes both precious metals and Austrian crystal or lab-created cubic zirconia.  For those with allergies or sensitivities to nickel, solid 10kt or 14kt gold is often the best option, but .925 sterling silver is also a good choice.  It’s durable, high-shine, and compliments most colors and styles of footwear.

 toe ring materials

For more about styles and sizing for rings and toe rings, check out our Rings category.

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