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animals in body art

Tattooing and piercing go through trends as fast as fashion, with multiple styles, materials, and motifs in a constant state of popularity flux.  There are some emerging trends though that seem to take on a life of their own, growing and expanding to transcend standardization.  Animal imagery is just one of the many.

As partial sleeves and stockings become a popular tattoo milestone, young women in particular have begun embracing more realistic artwork that connects to our furry friends and various other aspects of the natural world.  Nature scenes, groves of trees, skyscapes, mountains, and forest dwelling creatures are fast on the rise to a widespread alternative ink art rebirth.  Amongst the more popular of fuzzy and feathery subjects: deer, foxes, rabbits, owls, blackbirds, tigers, horses, wolves, and peacocks.  In the buggy world gloom moths, ladybugs, scarabs, and spiders are all making the grade too, and lets not forget our ever-evolving friend the fish.  Following a modern rebirth of traditional koi art, less fantastical fishes like the salmon and muskie are beginning to make an appearance.

 popular animals in ink

The artistic style of pieces remains unique and varied, from hyper-realistic shading, to saturated retro color washes, and cartooned illustrative artwork designed to noticeably mimic photo realism is slowly carving a niche.  Expression of animal majesty in less direct forms is also emerging, such as leopard print and animal footprints.  All in all, the lure of nature has once again proven itself irresistible.

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