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rose-centric alternative fashion

It seems like roses are everywhere lately.  They’re woven into hairdos, embroidered onto vintage cardigans, painted on manicured fingernails, and inked across countless skinscapes.  It’s easy to see how the rose has become so popular.  These maverick, multitasking flowers are feminine, simple, classic, chic, and they impart a little touch of natural beauty that makes any look feel effortless.  In short, the rose was made to adorn the modified.

Red and pink are of course the go-to colors for a rosy fashion facade, but more modern styling allows for a variety of other natural, and even unnatural hues.  Blues, safflower yellow, fiery hyancinth, and even minty green or shimmering silver are just a few of the new shades you’ll find gracing the petals these days.  Styling flows easily across a number of trending genres, from prissy to punk and all the way to gothic or flower child.

different styles and looks with roses

Some popular places you’ll find this feminine flower include plugs and tapers, belly button rings, earrings and industrials, tongue jewelry, and of course tatouage.

beautiful rosy acrylic plugs

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