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For anyone who hasn’t heard, the first of Suzanne Collins’s hit novels, The Hunger Games, has been translated to film and is set for release later this month. This much anticipated first installment of Collins’s Hunger Games Trilogy is already taking the tween scene by storm. Perhaps more surprisingly though, is that the forthcoming film is making big waves on the adult fashion scene as well.

The Hunger Games fashion blog, Capitol Couture, has already partnered with powerhouse Rodarte, and with a penchant for luxurious and lively names like Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Thierry Mugler, the high fashion connections are likely to keep on coming.

Add pierced superstar Lenny Kravitz into the mix, and you’ve got a match made in alternative fashion heaven.  Playing the part of an influential designer and stylist named Cinna, Kravitz removed his nose piercings for the film, but the many holes in his ears remained on show.

That brings us to the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Banks as one percenter and forward thinking fashionista Effie Trinket, whose wardrobe isn’t the only runway worthy collection to pine over. Sporting an insanely sweet menagerie of feathers and lace, the darkly lovely, Burton-esque makeup looks this character rocks are out of this world.

Not to mention a colorful and lively collection of earrings, embellishments, and facial accents made of stunning crystal.

Now that’s some of-the-moment alternative fashion you can really sink your teeth into.

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