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Who She Is:

A fun, fearless, and fashionable style star who isn’t afraid to take a few leaps in order to cultivate a personal (if ever-changing) signature look. Incorporating elements of traditional punk styling like safety pins, spikes, and animal print into an aesthetic that utilizes modern cuts and controlled grunge detailing, she might be prone to tattoo art and facial piercings.

What She’s Wearing:

Two words: hot color. Hot pinks, neon yellows, and electric limes are favorites that are very of the moment. Mixing them with traditional heavy metals, black leather, and stylized denim makes modern punk refreshing and injects it with some much needed pizzazz.

Perfect Pick:

Awesome animal print tapers. Brilliant brights mix with animal stripes, spots, and skins for a colorful, edgy, and high energy look. Your ears haven’t had this much fun in, well, ever.

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