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Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1)

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks! It’s that time of the year: the start of the regular baseball season for Major League Baseball. After a great opening night on Sunday, we have a lot to look forward to. Thirty teams from the U.S. and Canada will pitch, swing, and run for the winning title in the World Series…but we’ve still got a whole season to watch play out before that!

Want something to show off your support for your sport? We have officially licensed MLB body jewelry featuring logos from the most recent champion, Kansas City Royals, as well as the team who claims the most titles: the New York Yankees (as well as many of the other great teams that are part of the MLB). Belly rings, industrial barbell earrings, belt buckles, and more are available on our site right now, so make sure you grab some gear to advertise your love for the game of baseball.




Don’t see your team? No need to fret! We have more licensed MLB jewelry coming in as the season progresses, so keep checking back to adorn yourself with some flair from your favorite baseball team!

Upcoming Events in the World of Baseball:

April 15th – Jackie Robinson Day: commemorates and honors the day that Jackie Robinson, the first African American major league baseball player, made his major league debut. This year will be the 69th anniversary of his start with the Brooklyn Dodgers (now known as the Los Angeles Dodgers).

May 31st – Roberto Clemente Day: Roberto Clemente’s former team, the Pittsburg Pirates, will play the Florida Marlins for two games in legendary and charitable Clemente’s home of Puerto Rico for this year’s honoring of the player whom best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement, and the individual’s contribution to his team – the Roberto Clemente Award.

June 9th-11th – 2016 MLB Draft: The Philadelphia Phillies will start out the draft this season, and there are a lot of decisions to be made; tune in to see what changes and additions will be made to your favorite (and rival) teams. Check out the full draft order by clicking here.

If you don’t have an easy way to catch your game but you have an internet connection, there’s some great news for you that was recently announced. According to their article posted following opening day, Yahoo Sports plans to allow for free streaming of one specific MLB game per day (commercial breaks and all) for the entire season! How awesome is that?!

Click here to view the full game schedule for this season

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