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The month of September is National Honey Month, and there’s never been a better time to celebrate.  Our friend the honey bee is responsible for not only providing this tasty treat, but also for pollinating up to eighty percent of the plants in any given region.  This includes flowers, fruit trees, and several agricultural crops that literally feed the nation.  Even honey itself comes in over three hundred varieties, from the more popular clover and orange blossom, to those laced with commercial posy pollen and herbs.

Honey is a natural, organic sweetener that’s extremely low in sodium, cholesterol, and fat, and with about a third less calories and carbs than granulated sugar per tablespoon, it’s easy to indulge and still feel good about it.  The National Honey Board (or NHB) has recognized the benefits of honey for diet and health for decades, so in 1989, they collaborated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and declared the entire month of September (the month when most of the country’s honey is harvested) to be devoted to honey.

Some fun ways to celebrate honey and honey bees this month?  Well first, there’s showing your spirit with bee and honey tone jewelry and accessories.

September is also a great month to make friends with your local bee keeper, check out the amazing varieties of honey available at your area farmer’s markets, and have an English style tea party where honey is the main attraction.  However you celebrate Honey Month, it’s bound to be sweet.

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