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As the twilight of this dying summer approaches us we notice that the crisp air of fall means that layering will again be necessary. Back to School is Back to Bohemia this year! Autumn is the perfect time of year to try out the BoHo-Chic style. Layers of eclectic flowing fabric in tye-dye, bold vintage floral prints, natural brown earth tones, faded or understated colors, and vibrant hues are an important aspect of this trend. For fall it’s fun to pair big “ugly” sweaters with leggings and slouchy vegan boots, long printed dresses with fun faux fur coats, and gauzy burlap sack inspired shifts transformed into chic with chunky belts.  Loose peasant tops blend with floral embroidered vests and tattered, torn, and perfectly worn denim pants, aviator sunglasses, huge embellished hobo handbags, and as always, fabulous fluttery scarves (which are an easy way to bring a more lighthearted and bohemian flow to your outfit).

Bohemia! Bohemia! Bohemians are free spirited vagabonds, wanderers, gypsies, hippies, artists, children of the revolution, and members of other open minded counter cultures. The term “bohemian” has been used in since the 19th Century to describe those who are associated with unorthodox social and political views. Bohemians recognize and respect the vast beauty that this planet and each unique human being dwelling on it contain. These views were often expressed through free love, free spirited nature, nomadic lifestyle, strong artistic influence, and being clad in free flowing, easy to wear clothing and uninhibited accouterments.

BoHo-Chic is a movement in fashion that takes a modern spin on Bohemian, Folk, and Hippie clothing. The most famous celebrities that are currently rocking the BoHo-Chic style include Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, and Ashley Olsen. Many fashion critics have judged Mary Kate Olsen especially, for riding close to the fine line between the uber-vogue BoHo-Chic and the forever passé Crazy Cat Lady aesthetic, characterized by being unkempt and wearing everything but the kitchen sink. Personally, I think her odd clothing combinations and messy, unfettered locks are charming and very befitting of a New York City scene girl. BoHo fashions are embraced by those who express a romantic and avant-garde artistic lifestyle in a fast-paced modern world.

If you want to show your artistic Bohemian side without overburdening your closet it’s easy to accessorize any outfit with a limitless array of BoHo-Chic ornaments. Common accessories of this fad are antique looking pieces, eclectic charms, rust, shells, natural stones, beads, thoughtfully mismatched aesthetics, kitschy animals, oversized everything, hippie chic with peace signs, tons of rings, large sterling sliver or gold toned pendants, staked bracelets, turquoise, floral, hemp, wood, strings of beads, Native American inspired pieces, and anything with a retro 1960’s or 1970’s flair.

My favorite pairing to this look is chandelier earrings and naval rings made from beads, natural wood, shells, or metal that has an antique patina. Vibrant colored stacked, beaded or stone bracelets, strung with a hemp or leather chord are also very clutch to pulling off this look. Head bands, feather hair extensions, whimsical feather earrings, and oversized hair flowers look great with the soft loose curls, long straight hair, dreadlocks, and messy buns that characterize BoHo-Chic hairstyles.

The whole idea behind the Bohemian movement is to be free and creative. Comfortable, effortless, affordable, and practical options are what make this romantic look so appealing to the masses. There are a plethora of embellishments that are considered to be BoHo, and no right or wrong ways to wear them. Join the fashion revolution! Liberate yourself from the confines of boring designs and have fun with your own bohemian inspired style this season!

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