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The Month of May is Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and in celebration of our love of sports, we’re wearing jewelry featuring all of our favorite sports teams.  Once upon a time, NFL, NBA, and MLB items were hard to come by, expensive, or had to be custom made or purchased only from the gift shops at sporting arenas and coliseums.  Today however, supporting your favorite teams both in the stadium and the everyday world is as easy as one, two, three.  Choose the style you like, point, and click.

Jewelry that includes team logos, colors, helmets, names, insignia, and just about anything you can think of is readily available on the market at great prices.  Even NCAA College teams are beginning to get in on the body jewelry action.

The great thing about licensed items whose designs are copyrighted through a major sports franchise or association is that the jewelry is high quality, and will include licensed material, meaning a perfect and accurate representation of the actual logos and insignia used by the team.   This will be anything from the Dallas Cowboys signature star, to the traditional red white and blue Chicago cubs emblem, to the full tricolor stars and swoosh logo of the Orlando Magic.  All sorts of fun designs incorporating a sports team’s signs and symbols can be used to make body jewelry stand out and get noticed.

And what better way to show off your faithful fandom than with a decorative letter or logo belly ring that flashes the colors or trademarks of the team you cheer to victory. 

  • A

    Hey Kenneth!

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not have licensed NFL nipple jewelry available, but I will definitely forward a suggestion for that type of product along. We do have tongue, industrial, and navel jewelry available in football team logos though!

    Ann P (Body Candy) on

  • K

    I’m looking for a set of a bar bell nipple rings with the NY Giants logo on it. Displayed similar to how the Cowboys logo is on the Belly Button ring. Thank you

    Kenneth Stout on

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