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Here at we strive for excellence at every level.  Our cutting edge design team studies design and fashion trends, color forecasts as well as competitor styles and pricing.  All of these are factored into developing a new jewelry line.  There are many phases to honing a belly ring design from a concept to the finished product that our customers enjoy.

Many items start with a spark of inspiration.  As an example we are going to show you what went into developing one of our most popular handcrafted items, HC-402, Handcrafted Austrian Crystal Modish Circular Cosmic Drop Belly Ring MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  When brainstorming sketches, concepts and ideas, one of our designers was looking at various photos of nature.  She came across this picture of a waterfall.  Trying to express the flow of the crystal clear water into a  belly ring design, there were several attempts that didn’t quite make it past our panel of product developers and through our design critiques.

Once the design is approved, it goes through several stress tests to see if it can stand up to the grueling activities of our customers.

When the final design is complete, it gets a recipe of parts, a product number assignment, and pricing information.  Then our team of photographers get to work lighting and displaying the piece to highlight its beauty and scintillation.  While nothing can compare to seeing the real item in person, the photo is done to show coloring and sparkle.

After the photograph is web-ready, our sharp computer integration staff put all the specifications, search terms and pictures into our online store.

You might think we are done there, but not yet!  Now our handcrafting division works to learn how to reproduce the item with care and expertise, bringing you the finest in handcrafted jewelry.

Now that you’ve seen what goes into our exclusive design process, you can see why is not only the best place to buy your body jewelry, it’s the only place.  We eclipse our competitors with rigorous design and fulfillment procedures.  At we make our jewelry to help you shine!

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