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fun and intersting belly modifications

Standard Top and Bottom Belly Piercings

Regular, run of the mill belly piercings can be worn so many different ways.  The standard banana bell is most common, but ball captive rings, spirals, and dangly belly jewelry are all fun ways to change it up.  Single “bottom belly piercings,” or piercings made at the lower rim of the belly button rather than the upper, are also a great alternative, especially for those that have anatomical difficulty with upper rim piercings.

standard belly piercings

Belly Piercings with Tattoo Accents

Another way to add interest to a standard belly button piercing is with tattoo art in the belly area.  Circular tattoos that surround the navel are a popular accent, but ink that runs up the side or across the lower abdomen is a more modern variation.  For this type of tattoo art, monochrome pieces or those that have very little color are commonly chosen.

tattoo art as an accent to navel piercings

Specialty Belly Modification Designs

Sets of piercings can be a great way to turn a regular old navel adornment into something unique and special.  Combinations of upper and lower navel rim piercings are a good way to rock this look and are extremely versatile.  They can be worn with simple jewelry for everyday wear, or with more elaborate dangling pieces for special occasions, and combinations of top drop belly jewelry and embellished barbells are a good way to add interest.  Sets of multiple piercings around the rim, including on the sides are also feasible for some individuals, and mixing standard piercings with microdermal anchors works as well.

Special Belly Piercing Designs

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