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fashion celebration for red rose day

School is out, prom is about to pass, and after all of the hubbub that comes with the beginning of a whole season of fun in the sun, all of our minds are turning to one of the best things about Summer: love.

Summer romances are incredibly special.  Days frolicking at the beach, picnicking at the park, warm nights around the bonfire, and the chance to heat up any moment by showing a little extra skin.  Who wouldn’t want to celebrate something so magical and amazing?  Well, now you officially can.

Today is Red Rose Day, and we all know that when it comes to love, well, “roses are red, violets are blue…”  You understand what we’re getting at.  So break out the cocktails, bring on the beachwear, and accessorize with your favorite rosy pieces.  After all, Summer love may not last forever, but there’s nothing wrong with living a little in the moment.

 rosy body jewelry

Want a flash of rosy ink without the commitment?  Then try on some temporary body art that delivers a punch of flowery color.

floral temporary tattoo art

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