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sweet summery ankle and toe jewelry

Summer is in full swing! Put some zest in your step and feel more than just the sand in your toes. This is the time to break out those fabulous new sandals, get a pedicure, and head to the beach. That also means it is the season for foot jewelry. Currently barefoot sandals (aka “foot thongs”or “footlets”), anklets, and toe rings are all the rage. Foot and ankle henna, foot tattoos, and fabulous toe nail art are also en vogue.  These styles are so cute that I want to kick my shoes off and join the fun.

Barefoot sandals are jewelry that consists of an ankle bracelet attached to a toe ring that goes over the top of the foot and has no sole. Barefoot sandals originated in South Asia and are worn at religious ceremonies and weddings. Foot jewelry from India dates back over 5000 years. Traditionally, women in the Indian culture would wear elaborate stretchy anklets with charms and toe rings attached called Jhanjhar and Pajeb.

Jhanjhar and Pajeb

Jewelry is worn to display a woman’s magic and prestige. It also shows the power of femininity in art and dance. Many traditional styles of Indian and Middle Eastern dance, such as Belly Dancing, require elaborate foot jewelry and decoration as part of a traditional costume. Jewelry is made with diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, other precious and semi-precious stones, shells, animal claws, teeth, beads, gold, and silver. Right now barefoot sandals are spiking in popularity. Trendy fashionistas wear designs that are simple and delicate or elaborate and ornate.

Anklets are bracelets that are worn as decoration around the ankle. The style is rich in the history of many different cultures: India, Europe, and the Middle East. In the past women used to wear anklets to denote their marriage status or dedication to the tribe. Anklets were in fashion in the 1950’s, with the post hippie bohemian style in the 1970’s, again in the 1990’s, and are now booming in popularity in 2013.  The most common materials used in anklets are silver and gold, with small charms or gems attached. Leather, nylon, braided, and beaded anklets are also popular. The anklet look is young and bohemian. Go boho with a beaded leather anklet and sandals or go classic glamour with a luxurious, Swarovski-encrusted gold chain anklet and heels.

feminine ankle bracelet jewelry

Toe rings can really make an outfit sparkle too. Beautiful wrapped toe rings in gold and sterling silver, gem toe rings, double toe rings, and illusion toe rings are all over the place this season. There are all different styles of toe rings that feature anything from birthstones, to solid metal, to nautical charms, and more. In the summer you will want to keep these accessories lightweight and simple with bright colored accents.

shining silvery toe jewelry

Coordinate your foot jewelry with your style, nail color, and outfit. Henna and foot tattoos also look amazing with extra adornments. Wear it to the beach, a wedding, a party, or just a sunny day. Ankle and foot bearing shorts, flowing dresses, skirts, or even capris look fantastic with updated and classic foot and ankle jewelry. Pamper your feet with glorious handcrafted barefoot sandals, anklets, and toe rings today.

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