Style This Minute: Seasonal Femme Meets Secret Agent Chic

by Body Candy

As winter melts into Spring, the in between times have sprung into their own fashion season, and this time around it’s all about Bond, Jane Bond. And, of course, the classic chic of the black and white tuxedo.

The female secret agent look is certainly nothing new. When recalling the polish and panache of our favorite late night television characters from days of yore, a picture emerges of a look that’s both minimal and feminine, sort of effortlessly chic. So when songstress Jessie J began to re-pioneer the monochrome style aesthetic in 2011, it was like the world held its breath, waiting to see how the ladies tuxedo would pan out.

And here we have it. The perfect combination of retro and modern. A classic look, with updated tailoring and hints of rock and roll edge that give a new meaning to the phrase, “femme fatale.”

Along with the old Hollywood simplicity of black and white tailored duds, comes the new Hollywood advent of coordinating piercings. For a prim yet dangerous appeal, the best matches are solid black with a hint of shine, or the subtle shimmer of paired down solitaires.  And to rock out like style maven Jessie J, don’t forget a splash of leather.

by Body Candy

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