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Tomorrow, January 10th, is Save the Eagles Day, a United States Holiday dedicated to saving our country’s majestic birds of prey from extinction. One of the primary focuses of the Holiday in recent years has been the Bald Eagle in particular, as this national symbol was less than twenty years ago on the verge of disappearing from our skies. Thankfully, due largely to the efforts of animal rights volunteers, scientists, and the American Eagle Foundation, the Bald Eagle was officially removed from the endangered species list in 2007. The AEF (located in Tennessee) also rescues and rehabilitates prey birds on a continuous basis, sometimes successfully breeding them or releasing the recovered back into the wild.

The spirit of this holiday is the preservation of nature, as well as of our national heritage, and Save the Eagles Day is still celebrated around the country in classrooms, at local wildlife preservation centers, and among general groups who believe in the continuing care of our environment and the various species that live in it. Some of the more common celebratory elements include public education forums about eagles and other birds of prey, zoo demonstrations featuring trained rescue birds, and the wearing of eagle clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

This Save the Eagles Day, we can all be a part of the festivities in our local communities, or by wearing the majestic eagle as a symbol of our commitment to the preservation of our ecosystem and noble birds of prey.

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