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Camo Cutie

miltary style and camouflage fashion

Camouflage has been used by the military in several western countries since around the time of World War II, and was originally developed for civilian fashion by war protest groups, primarily in Europe.  In the subsequent decades, various colors and patterns that are considered camouflage or “camo” were further popularized including decidedly feminine variations in colors such as pink.  The US military still issues multiple camouflage patterns for their official Army, Naval, and Marine Corps uniforms, including styles specifically designed for woodland, desert, snow, and tactical assault advantages.

camouflage print body jewelry

Like an American

 American flag fashion

The American flag has gone through quite a chameleonic history, being changed over 25 times since its initial creation, but that didn’t stop it from becoming an icon not only in patriotism but fashion as well.  Most American flag designs that appear on clothing and accessories will carry a minimum of at least thirteen stars and thirteen stripes though, the original number of colonies in the union.

US flag print body jewelry

Did you know?

Today is the official Military Spouses Day.  If you know somebody who’s partner is on active duty or otherwise serving in the US military, now is a great time to show them that they have your support!

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