Photo File: Body Jewelry Overview

by Lorna

Everyone can use a refresher now and then, so here are some visuals that represent all the basic types of body jewelry:

different styles of body jewelry barbell

•There are many styles of body jewelry that will considered a type of barbell, but these are the basic styles, without any embellishments.

•Studs can be used for labret, monroe, and medusa lip piercings, but depending on size they can also be worn in several common ear cartilage piercings, such as the tragus.

•Straight barbells are the standard for tongue rings, but are also used in varying styles and sizes for cartilage piercings, nose bridge piercings, nasallangs, nipple piercings, and hand web piercings.

•Curved barbells also have multiple uses, but are most often worn in eyebrow, belly, vertical lip, tongue web, and rook piercings.

•Banana bells are the basis for most belly button rings on the market, and can everywhere from simple, to extravagant through the addition of gems and dangling elements.

•Spiral barbells can complete anywhere from one to three full revolutions depending on their styles and are generally seen in both belly and lip piercings.

circular barbells and captives

Circular barbellsare extremely versatile and are used in septum, nipple, belly, and lip piercings on a regular basis.  They can also be used for a variety of ear piercings though, and are the most prevailing choice for play (temporary) piercings such as the corset piercing.

•The lippy loop is the only circular designed specifically for piercings of the lower lip, and it’s unique shape aids in both fit and comfort.

 large gauge plug body jewelry types

•Plugs, which are larger gauge body jewelry, come in an almost endless array of styles, but their basic shape can be broken down into a few major groupings.

•The tunnel also goes by several other names including “flesh tunnel,” “gauge,” “tube,” and “eyelet.”

•Both straight plugs and single flare plugs with come with small bands called o-rings that help to hold them in place.  (The o-rings themselves are also sold separately in replacement packs.)

•Cheater plugs, or “faux plugs,” are designed to fake the look of a stretched ear (usually about a 00 gauge) for those who have regular ear piercings.

taper style plug body jewelry

•Tapers come in a variety of styles and shapes, including hanging styles that may alternately be described as either a plug or a taper.  Breaking down into the basics, you get tapers which are straight, and those with varying degrees of curve, both of which will normally require o-rings for easy wear.

Spiral tapersgenerally do not require o-rings and are held in by their more complex shape.

 nose jewelry styles

•These four styles of nose ring come ready to be worn, but there’s also a fifth style called a fishtail (not pictured) that cannot be worn right away.  This type of nose jewelry comes with a straight 3/4″ post and is designed to be taken to your piercer where it can be clipped and bent for a custom fit.

by Lorna

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