Spring Break Style 2023

Spring Break Style 2023

     Finally, winter’s coming to an end! Pretty soon there’ll be flowers, warm breezes and….spring break!! Spring break is a great time to show off your piercings with some new jewelry. Even if you’re not going anywhere, spring-themed jewelry feels fresh and exciting after the bleak days of winter. So whether you’re going to party down or just want to get freshened up for Spring, here are some jewelry ideas to turn the winter blahs into Springtime beauties!


Belly Rings

     A new belly ring is always a great way to celebrate the changing seasons. Check out this lovely white flower – a perfect Spring theme – with a rose gold tone barbell for a super stylish look. Or if you’re feeling sweet and retro, this cherry-themed belly ring is sure to give you a tasty look. Even if you aren’t headed to the beach, this mermaid tail belly ring will make you want to take a dip in the waves! Or, if you like variety this set of matte peach and pink belly rings will give you a look for every occasion! These rose gold tone belly rings have different color gems that look so hot, you may have trouble choosing which one to wear!



Cartilage Earrings

     Belly piercings aren’t the only ones that deserve some sprucing up for Spring. Let’s not forget about cartilage piercings! New cartilage jewelry is another way to freshen up your style. Celestial themes are always hot, like this crescent moon segment ring! Opals, be they genuine, synthetic, or faux, are still a hot look this year too. This segment ring features a row of white synthetic opal for an affordable way to stay on-trend! There’s plenty of options when it comes to straight jewelry as well. Add a fresh and spiritual touch to your piercings with Hamsa hand labret, heavily embellished with clear and blue gems! If you prefer your look to be a bit more subtle, this pink faux opal labret features thoughtful details like internal threading, for comfort as well as style. If you want lots of color options or would like a curated look for multiple piercings, you can’t go wrong with this ombre-tone, matte set of labrets! 


Septum Rings

     Septum piercings are one of those things that will never stop being cool. So why not treat yours to a new look? Check out this gorgeously opulent segment ring with clear and blue gems! Or perhaps, bring a sunny new attitude to your look with this gold tone, floral septum ring with a light and airy feel! For a more toned-down (but still elegant) look, this segment ring featuring a trio of clear cubic zirconia gems more than fits the bill! Or, for a subtle look with a stylish twist, check out this septum ring with a twisted style and gold tone finish! 



Nose Rings

     Even your nose knows that Spring is on the way. So why not gussy up that nostril piercing as well? For an attention-grabbing look of luxury, check out this seamless nose hoop, set with clear cubic zirconia gems! For a classic springtime theme, the butterfly on this L-shaped nose ring is sure to give your look a lift! If you have a left-side nostril piercing, the purple synthetic opal on this nose screw is perfect for a hot pop of trendy color! Or if you want the same look for your right nostril, or both nostrils, this set of four synthetic opal nose bones will keep your look fashion forward! Or add a nautical touch of whimsy with this octopus nostril ring. It’s sure to release a kraken of style for you! 

     Spring not only means an end to the dreary days of winter, it brings a breath of fresh life to everything it touches. Your look is not a static thing, it changes and grows with you. When you’re transitioning from heavy layers and boots to short sleeves and sandals, don’t forget to let your piercings transition with you. Part of the fun of piercings is trying new styles and adding new jewelry to your collection. Break into Spring with some fun and fashionable new jewelry!