Fashion Jewelry vs. Piercing Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry vs. Piercing Jewelry

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     You may have seen the terms “piercing jewelry” and “fashion jewelry” tossed around and wondered if there was a difference. Or you were told that the sweet little belly ring with the dangle charm was “not appropriate for piercing with” or maybe just wondered what “ASTM F-136 titanium” was. Well today, we’re going to talk about the difference between piercing jewelry and fashion jewelry and clear some of these questions up!

     First of all, the difference between piercing jewelry and fashion jewelry is that piercing jewelry is specifically made for when you get the piercing. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear piercing jewelry all the time or leave in the jewelry you were pierced with. It simply means that it is made to the appropriate standards for keeping it in a fresh wound (piercing) without a problem for the duration of the healing time, if not longer. Piercing jewelry should be made with ASTM F-136 titanium, a very specific type of titanium that is free of nickel and other potential allergens. (Rhodium is another good metal for piercing jewelry. Stainless steel is not appropriate for getting pierced with.) Piercing jewelry should be free of dangles and should be either internally threaded or threadless. (Click Here for more info on treadless jewelry) Many piercings require a flatback labret stud to heal properly. For piercings that need circular jewelry, one should avoid seamless rings and clickers as the hinge could cause irritation to the delicate cells inside the healing fistula.

     Fast forward three months to a year. Your piercing is all healed up and you’re ready to change jewelry. This is where fashion jewelry comes in! Fashion jewelry is all about style. It is not designed to be put in your piercing and left in there forever. It can have dangles or hinges. You’re not trying to baby a fresh wound; you’re trying to show off a healed piercing! Feel free to get wild with finishes and charms! Just don’t leave them in forever. Piercing jewelry is largely about function. Fashion jewelry is about…well…fashion! So, if you’re not getting dressed up and going out on the town, maybe take out your fashion jewelry and pop in your piercing jewelry for the night.

     How do you tell the difference? First of all, ask! If you’re purchasing jewelry at a piercing studio, ask the person behind the counter. Second, read carefully. If you’re buying online, read the entire ad and specification information. That should tell you exactly what the jewelry is made of. Also – design issues. Externally threaded jewelry, jewelry with a “butterfly” style back, jewelry that is made with stainless steel or acrylic – this is all fashion jewelry. If a piercer offers to pierce you with jewelry that is obviously fashion jewelry, you should leave and not go back. While fashionable ends are available for piercing jewelry, it’s really more about babying the piercing through the healing period. The jewelry should be of the best quality possible for that purpose. Getting pierced with fashion jewelry is begging for a problem piercing and a piercer who does a piercing with fashion jewelry is not a piercer to trust.

     With all the jewelry options available these days, it can be hard to figure out all the terminology and make responsible choices for your body. While fashion jewelry is not appropriate for getting pierced with, there’s nothing wrong with putting in some fun and stylish pieces for shorter-term wear. When your piercing is healed, Body Candy will be ready and waiting to fill all your style needs. Your body is a canvas….so decorate it! Happy piercing!