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fun contemporary septum jewelry

Anybody who has a septum piercing definitely needs to know about septum clickers.  They’re a fun and unique contemporary style of septum ring, so-called because the bar that holds them in “clicks” into place.

 easy to use septum clicker jewelry

Basically these rings are composed of a decorative crescent with a post that rests on a hinge and snaps shut when the item is being worn.  Opening and closing them is easier than with conventional circular septum jewelry like ball captive rings or segment rings, but they still come in a variety of sizes to ensure a good fit.  Like most circulars, septum clickers are measured for the gauge (or thickness) of the post, and the diameter at the widest part of the curved portion.

 hot new clicker styles

Styles range from simple, to tribal, decorative, and ornate.  And gems, patterns, and finishes are often used to add interest.  Also, because of their look, which is similar to Indian and Middle Eastern nathori, they’re very well suited to accessorizing costumes for tribal dance and belly dance.

 accessorizing belly dance with clickers

So go ahead and click away!  And to see firsthand just how these cool pieces work, check out this brief video: septum clickers.  Bye for now!

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