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celebrating National Pink Day

Today is National Pink Day, a fun little holiday that’s all about pink.  And when it comes to piercing and tattoo fashion, there are literally thousands of hues to choose from.  29,000 to be exact, with over 115 of them cataloged by Pantone.  So why not try some parfait pink, some cameo pink, or paradise pink?

alternative fashion and pink

It’s the perfect day to eat and drink, decorate with, or wear pink, especially when you have awesome piercings.  Looking for some fun way to celebrate?  Just try a few of these: add pink food coloring to pancake batter or cookie dough for some neat pink treats, make pink milk or milkshakes with strawberry syrup, do some pink tie dye a simple white t-shirt, or make your own pink lookbook by staging a photo shoot with your fave pink clothing and body jewelry.

sweet pink titanium body jewelry

There’s no wrong way to celebrate pink day, as long as you get creative and start thinking pink.

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