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Do you remember playing the game “Pretty, Pretty, Princess”? Well take that majestic aesthetic and add a touch of old Hollywood glamour, a dash of quirky kitsch, and you will be in vogue. Colossal, lavish, oversized, in yo’ face statement rings that are bejeweled with precious gem stones to create eye-catching adornments fit for royalty are resting on the fingers of chic celebrity “it” girls and boho hipsters everywhere! Understated rings are not in this year; it is time to be a bold and adventurous size queen with your accessories. This super-sparkly and ultra fabulous finger-wear is truly decadent, indulgent, and larger than life. Warning: you may want to start exercising your fingers now in order to carry the weight of this addicting craze.

The cocktail ring trend is not by any means innovative, it is just in the midst of resurgence. Cocktail rings were especially popular during “illegal” cocktail parties and in speakeasies during the US Prohibition in the 1920s. These fabulous rings flaunted the fact that the wearer was not only drinking illegally, but they were doing it completely in style. Flappers and edgy women in the glitterati of the era would dress in their most fashionable attire, (including of course their cocktail rings and other over the top accessories) and attend under-the-radar cocktail parties. These bold and glamorous adornments were a status symbol. The original cocktail ring was very expensive due to the fact that they were made with large precious gems. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but not our only friend. History shows us that fashion always finds a way to transcend class barriers. It did not take long for designers to create affordable costume rings for the everyday 1920’s fashionista. A good costume piece is perfectly acceptable for even the fanciest of galas.

Popularity of these statement rings continued to rise in the 1940’s and 1950’s when it was all the rage to throw cocktail parties. Even traditional housewives could afford lush costume cocktail rings and jewelry. Cocktail parties are gaining popularity again as the rise of retro culture in general is in style. Straight from your Grandmothers cache, vintage inspired, Art Deco jewelry and large opulent rhinestone pieces are very hip in the fashion scene. You can find them in magazines, on runways, and at red carpet events.

Our generation has a deep infatuation with colorful, glittery things and we all know a little bling on your ring can be an instant confidence boost. The large scale and exotic traits of these sumptuous trinkets provide dramatic fashion statements for parties, special events, and can even transcend to the everyday.

Fabulous finger candy just makes us feel exponentially more glamorous. So many choices, you can’t pick just one, the chunky ring, retro art deco, bling-bling,’70s-style, animal inspired, floral, and a vast plethora of styles will add depth to your own unique image. The key is to have fun with these eye-catching statement rings that are so yummy, we are scooping them up like candy!

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