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It’s no secret that the traditional fairytale is in the midst of a major overhaul.  With epic re-imaginings of Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and the story of Thor (taken from popular Nordic tradition) already under our belts and two theatrical versions of Snow White slated for release in 2012, it’s easy to see that the world at large is engaging in a fairytale moment.  But what has folklore done for fashion?


Well, if you’ve perused the latest issues to hit your drug store shelves, it’ll come as no surprise that Fall marks an era much anticipated by the truly girlie at heart: the triumphant return of the fashion princess.

The best part about this rising couture trend is that, unlike some of the more extravagant flights of designer fancy in our recent past, it’s highly translatable for everyday life.  Although Fall’s general aesthetic may mark a return to the classic and richly detailed (read expensive), modern minimalist touches still remain, as cream, French white, and champagne tone frocks still feature prominently.

Letting these washed, feminine tones permeate the edges of any ensemble through crystal or leather, however, is a simple way to add regal flare.

The Fall runways also saw opulent detailing at Elie Saab, drizzles of gold fringe at Givenchy, and layers of soft color at Dior, all looks that are easily incorporated into a wardrobe with jewelry and accessories.  The big ticket accessory to pull off princesshood?  An ongoing trend in their own right: statement earrings.

These amazing multitasking accessory marvels not only leave a swan-like neck bare for naturally feminine lines (no necklace needed, ladies, trust me), but for a change of venue they also double as a gorgeous brooch or hair accessory.  To bring the runway to life in your own wardrobe, try stealing Givenchy’s gold extravagance or copycatting the rich look of Elie Saab with chandeliers.

As far as royal beauty is concerned, take a cue from the runway, by incorporating monochrome.  Just don’t forget to soften it up and keep it feminine by sticking with braiding, floral motifs, and intricate wire work or cut-outs.


Finally the fashion world is spreading the most positive message possible to women everywhere this Fall: every girl is a princess.

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