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As September starts itself up, the preseason winds to a close and football season is almost upon us.  With a summer full of changes, reconstruction and some pretty good draft highlights, this fall will be hotter than ever with the upcoming regular season.  Whether you’re sitting in the sun cheering for the Cowboys or up North waiting to cheer on the Bills in two feet of snow, it’s never too soon (or the wrong conditions) to show your support!

Anyone can show up on game day wearing a jersey or a new cap for the team, but what kind of dedicated sports fan stops there?!  From bracelets, to earrings, and even belly rings, your logo can be carried with you no matter if you’re on the goal line or at home on the couch.

Sometimes it’s a mystery for women when it comes to finding a jersey or endorsed shirt to wear that’s actually cut right and fits the way something should.  A simple belly ring or pair of stud earrings can be just the small perfect accent to bring together a Sunday outfit instead.  Guys too!  Just because you’ve had your jersey for 10 years doesn’t mean that you can wear it to work!  A simple, clean stainless steel bracelet will boast your team pride all day every day, without getting yourself into undo trouble.  (Ahem.)

No matter what you choose to dress yourself up with, it will surely be a touchdown this season, and with fan-favored style that will go the whole nine yards, you’ll never have to bench your favorite jewelry.  The time to get ready is now, before your season opener is around the corner and you’re caught in the red zone with no coverage!  (I’m pretty much out of terrible football puns so I think I’ll have to leave it at that.)

So c’mon while the turf is still green and the injured list is still clear.  Fill up those fantasy rosters, grab the nachos, and make sure that you’re decked out in all the fandom you can fit.  It’s football time folks, and the first down waits for no one!

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