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Location: Through the fistula (healed tunnel of flesh) of a stretched septum piercing, exiting on the outside of the nose, usually just below the tip.


Alternate Names: Septril, jungle piercing, septum tunnel piercing, nose tip piercing.

Piercing: In order to have a septril pierced, there must already be an existing standard septum piercing that has been stretched, usually to at least 8mm or a standard 0 gauge. As with other piercings, markings will generally be made to determine placement. Then, a needle will be passed through the septum (usually from inside and exiting on the tip of the nose), and jewelry will be inserted and secured.

Aftercare: Depending on the state of the fistula prior to piercing, septril healing may be slightly extended. As with other piercings, sea salt soaks and gentle cleanings with cue tips are often recommended.

Jewelry: Although jewelry may vary (depending partially on individual anatomy), for the most part the septril is worn with either stud style jewelry with a flat back, or small curved barbells. Those who choose to may also wear custom tunnels or eyelets in the stretched portion of the septum, some that have a hole or spacing.  Rarely, some persons may stretch the septril itself as well, using small acrylic or titanium plugs

Prevalence: Because the septum must first be pierced and stretched to accommodate a septril piercing, they are certainly far less common than any other nose piercing. Interestingly, even though females beat out males for general piercing prevalence about three to one, stretching seems to be far less disparate, and septril piercings are seen on both men and women.

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