Retro Fashion File: Anchors Away – Nautical Remix

by Body Candy

Swingin’ Semi-Sixties

When the monochrome, simple graphics, and color blocking of the sixties meets a modern update on retro style, the result is a flush of brightness and some boardwalk worthy beauty.  Key to the overall look: simplicity and solid fields of color. 

Sailor at Heart 

When we think of retro tattoos, one name comes to mind: Sailor Jerry. In true keeping with a lifetime of nautical tradition, a little hint of ink inspired art is just the ticket for a fashionable summer ensemble. 

The Tempest Temptress 

Out for a look that screams seafaring siren? Then it’s time you learned the magic of a little strategic placement. The ratio is simple: retro bombshell on top, and modern in the bare belly middle.

by Body Candy

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