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Location:  Cyber bites are a set of two piercings: the medusa, and the labret.  When referred to as cyber bites, these piercings are situated dead center above the upper lip and below the bottom lip.

 labret and medusa piercings

Alternate Names:  Cyber piercing, center bites, double lip piercing, cyber bites.

Piercing:  The piercing itself is pretty straight forward, and depending on preference and the inclinations of the piercer, these piercings may be done together at the same time, or in two separate sittings to allow for healing in between.  For the most part, both medusa piercings and labrets will generally be performed with either a fourteen or sixteen gauge hollow piercing needle and a pair of clamps, though again some piercers may prefer to use a needle receiving tube and/or cork instead.

 cyber bite lip piercing style

Jewelry:  Standard cyber bite piercings which include a regular labret and medusa will normally be seen with stud type body jewelry in a variety of styles.  For those who choose an alternative matching, like a medusa and a vertical labret, one or more of the piercings will likely then be worn with a small curved barbell instead.

 titanium labret monroe medusa jewelry

Prevalence:  The cyber bite is definitely a unisex piercing, though in several studies young women have been proven more likely to have lip piercings in general than their male counterparts.  All lip piercings, including most doubles, triples, and quads, have risen in popularity exponentially in the past ten years amongst the emo, scene, and punk youth subcultures.

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