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Supernatural Fashion

Shades of Gray

 ghostly grayscale fashion

Ever wonder what the afterlife will look like?  Just ask your friendly neighborhood ghost.  If a thin white line separates reality from illusion, then the fashion of the dead might be one giant gray area.

 black and white creatures of the night jewelry

Dancing in the Dark

 dark forest fashion

Like spirits of the night and ancient celebrants of the sabbath, a dance under the moon can be the perfect relief during the impending Autumnal equinox.  And if you’re dancing the dark, the perfect fashion statement is a little shimmer and a lot of black.

 shimmery black body jewelry

Forces of Nature

 elemental fashion

Wish you had power over the forces of nature?  Don’t we all?  You may not be able to control the tempest, but at least we can all look good when we get caught in it.

 dark nature belly button rings


 fashionably evil

We all know the story of Hansel and Gretel; two young children walk into the woods leaving only a trail of breadcrumbs to lead them home.  Just like in the fairytale, something magic, eerie, and not of this world is bound to happen when breadcrumbs in the haunted forest disappear.  One more reason to carry your cross.

 inverted cross body jewelry

Unnatural Opulence

 fashion of vintage decadence

Whether it appears out of this world, or just not of this time, there’s something oh so right about opulent bling that gives a feeling of otherworldly origins.  Be the resident glam ghost of your own life with dazzling double finger rings.

 two finger cocktail rings

Fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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