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Plenty of trends come and go, especially when it comes to accessories and jewelry, but here are three that have shown they have some staying power, and they’re all perfect companions to a budding Spring wardrobe.  Take a look:


Following the popularity of the St. Peter’s Cross, or “inverted cross,” more traditional cross jewelry is making a comeback, especially in golden and rosy tones.  Think of it as the decidedly feminine and decorative answer to the simplistic, gothic styles that were prominent through Fall and Winter.

beautiful gold tone cross jewelry


Whether depicted lining bows, piercing hearts, or aimed at songbirds, the arrow is everywhere in varying degrees of intensity.  A visual simplicity melded with more complex and evocative symbolism, this emerging icon is at the forefront of the Native American inspired jewelry and textile trend.  Also prevalent in yellow gold and pink, everybody needs at least one arrow item for Spring.

sweet arrow themed body jewelry

All Seeing Eyes

The all seeing eye is a much debated symbol, meaning numerous different things to different ideological groups.  It’s the emblem of our country, appearing on the dollar bill, the eye of providence (representing the watchful eye of god), a symbol adopted by the Illuminati  that denotes sacred knowledge, and so much more.  But no matter what else it means to you, it also means of-the-moment fashion success.

all seeing eye body jewelry

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