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 sizes of body jewelry studs

If you have any piercings of the lips or ear cartilage, chances are good that you’ve seen or even worn what’s generally referred to as a “stud.”  This is basically any piece of jewelry that has a post with a flat back, and a ball or charm that either screws on or pushes in at the other end.  Given the versatility of stud jewelry, it’s easy to accidentally get the wrong size, as so many sizing options are readily available.  So here are some general pointers to help out just a little:


Normally stud jewelry for labret, monroe, medusa, helix, or tragus piercings will come in either a 14 gauge or a 16 gauge.  More rarely (usually for tragus or ear cartilage piercings), persons may be pierced in a smaller 18 gauge size, which will usually require a specialized item.


Post or “stud” jewelry comes in a variety of lengths to satisfy the needs of a variety of piercings.  Everybody’s skin and cartilage is a little bit different, but the chart below provides a set of basic guidelines to assist in picking out an item.  As always, the best sizing info comes from your personal piercer, or any new piercer that will have the ability to measure the jewelry that you wear in person.

 lengths of labret, monroe, tragus, and cartilage studs


Once you’ve chosen the proper size, you’ll want to know whether your jewelry item is screw-on, screw-in (internally threaded), or push-in style.  For lip piercings like the labret or monroe, internally threaded styles can be helpful, while standard screw-on styles can be preferable for ear piercings.  It all depends on your personal inclinations and the exact placement of your piercings.

 styles of flat back posts

Now all you have to do is pick out which color, shape, and material you want the visible decoration to be.  Isn’t shopping fun?

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