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hot summer style

July is coming to a close and those fiery final days of Summer are upon us, so why not let everybody feel the heat with some flirty skin-baring style?

Tribal Tattoo Art

A trek through the scorching desert demands the fiercest fashion and body art, and a little hint of tribal goes a long way towards a fiery look.  Layer bands of monochrome to go Maori or Bedouin, or get a little fancy or floral for a steamy islander look.

 tribal armband temporary tattoos

Dancing Flames

If you love to show off a beach-worthy belly, flames make it red hot while keeping it simple.  Brilliant colors and fiery designs bring the attention to your well-molded midsection without any dainty dangles to get in the way of swimming, sports, or other summer fun.

 hot colorful flame belly rings

Naturally Hot

Whether you’re on the upside of an inch or just starting out on your stretching journey, alluring organic plugs or tapers are a scalding final accessory.  With feathers, florals, or sandy Egyptian flare, there’s no reason everybody can’t get their green on.

Urban Star Organics plugs*some fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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