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Almost two weeks ago I took a road trip with my best friends to Chicago, IL. We wanted to visit the city, but our main objective was to attend the Pitchfork Music Festival. We were pumped.

Pitchfork Music Festival has always featured an eclectic lineup of indie rock, electronica, hip-hop, etc. for the past 7 years that it has been in existence. I went to the festival last year and had such a great time that I decided I must go again! This year there were a total of 45 bands and artists performing at the music festival held at Union Park. Over a span of the three hottest days of the summer, my friends and I somehow managed to survive the heat and lounged on a blanket in the grass and listened to some really great bands.

This is me, Sarah, with a new friend from the festival.

I was excited for: Battles, Cold Cave, Animal Collective, The Dismemberment Plan, Cut Copy

My favorite piercing: conch

Piercings: Nose, Conch, Rook, Cartilage, 8 Gauge Lobes, Belly

Favorite Trend: Vintage meets modern.  I love combining vintage finds with trendy basics.

There are many aspects of attending a music festival that I love. The chance to see a ton of awesome bands is of course first and foremost. Duh! I also love being outside laying in the sun in the summer enjoying life; there really isn’t anything better. But one thing that will never cease to peak my interest is the fashion that is literally in your face all weekend long; trends were everywhere and outrageous style choices were hard to ignore.

My friends and I had fun observing major trends, made obvious by thousands of hip festival goers. My overall style synopsis is that the 90s are apparently coming back in a big way. For girls, we decided 90s-style high-waisted, light wash denim shorts were a major thing. For guys, we found that basketball jerseys with players from the 90s were everywhere. I can’t say that the 90s are my personal favorite era in terms of style, but I can appreciate recycling looks from the past and making them new and fresh. Another thing that I couldn’t help but notice was the body modifications. Tattoos were everywhere and piercings were also frequently seen.

Considering both the good and the bad trends that I saw, I’d have to say that the people at Pitchfork Music Festival were incredibly inspiring. After all, fashion is completely personal and even when I saw a person with a trend that I may have seen as ‘bad’, obviously that ‘bad’ trend made that person stand out as an individual and I noticed. I think this statement in general is why I’ve always been incredibly interested in fashion, tattoos and piercings. Who doesn’t want to stand out as an individual?

So to conclude, we had an awesome time at the festival. It’s such a great way to find out about new upcoming bands and to see some old favorites. We were in Chicago for a total of 5 days and of course it had to fly by. So until next year Pitchfork…!

Below are a few photographs of people attending the festival that I talked music and fashion with.

Excited to see: Cut Copy, Animal Collective
Piercings: Lip, ears, nose, nipples
Favorite piercing: Nipples

Excited to see: TV on the Radio
Piercings: industrial, daith, cartilage, ears, nose
Favorite piercing: daith

Laura Ashley
Excited to see: Radio Department, Cut Copy, James Blake
Piercings: Septum, nipples, 00 gauge plugs, “corset” piercings on her back
Favorite Piercing: Septum and nipples

Excited to see: Odd Future, Toro y Moi
Piercings: 1 inch plugs, dermal on chest, cartilage
Favorite Piercing: dermal piercing on the chest
Favorite Trend: shaved side of the head hair styles

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