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I’m going to start off by making it clear exactly what I’m talking about today.  When I say dermal, I’m referring to a piercing that utilizes some sort of anchor to be embedded under your skin and is worn in a singular location.  There are a few different ways of doing this: Punch Dermals, Micro Dermals and Trans-Dermals.  Punch Dermals , also called “Skin Divers”, use jewelry that is designed similarly to the way that plugs are flared so that it’s “punched” in, and once inside is held in by a lip.  Micro Dermals are designed with a separate anchor piece that is placed under the top layer of skin through a small incision or dermal punch-out; once the anchor is placed it has internal threading and allows the wearer to interchange different heads.  Finally, Trans-Dermals are done with a more traditional surgical method, with a hole and an incision being made in the skin, so that the larger anchor runs under the skin; the ball on the end resting above the skin.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can get onto the good stuff.  One of the best things about dermals is that they give a solution to the problem of “how do I fit more metal on me”.  If there’s skin, there can be a dermal.  Popular styles and locations you’ll see involve anchoring them in cheeks, by eyes, and commonly on people’s necks but let’s be honest here, you want something a bit more…..intense.  Well there’s a few ways to really let a dermal bring out the demon in you or add an accent that doesn’t bring to mind the thought “ooo your face is so sparkly and pretty!”

One of my personal favorites is mid knuckle dermals done for a brass knuckle.  This involves planting an anchor or a punch dermal in between each of the knuckles, usually capped with a stainless steel spike so that when closed into a fist they give the look of the fist having spikes along the knuckles, like a pair of knuckledusters.  Going to a very different area of the body, there are also common styles found on the back of the neck.  Here you’ll commonly see surface piercings or micro-dermal piercings, usually around the base of the neck but it also can be a great place for a skin diver, or better yet a series of them!

By placing anchors in between vertebrae or on either side matching each other, the string of dermals can give the look of a spiked spine.  This pattern can be done essentially anywhere on the body with the versatility of dermal anchors, allowing for the look of being truly “covered” in spikes or metal.

One of the things that I can’t stress enough with dermals is how unique and really up to you the piercing and style is!  The trend as a whole is still coming into a common light and really has just started to explode over the last few years, so it’s your call and your game to decide what’s going to work for you.  Whether it’s a single anchor at the base of your neck, a pair of skin divers buried as demon horns in your forehead or a line of trans-dermals down your wrist (called a bracer btw) it’s up to you what’s going to suite you.  Just be sure that you’re safe, as always; especially with dermals and rejection you have to make sure you go to a well versed, reputable piercer and take extremely good care of your new modification.

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