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Kelsey from interviews the vivacious and fashionable Bridget McNally about her body modification journey that began when she was only 13. Bridget talks about her extensive array of piercings: including having ears currently stretched to ¾, a dermal implant on her wrist, pierced nostrils, conch, septum, belly ring, and various facial and ear piercings. She talks about her unnecessary piercing anxiety and how she actually has to be blindfolded by her piercer before getting poked.

BC– What piercings do you currently have?

Bridget- I have a dermal on my wrist, my ears are stretched to ¾ , and I have my nose pierced  on either side.

BC– What was your first piercing?

BridgetMy first piercing (besides my regular ear lobes) was my conch when I was 15.

BC– What was your most recent piercing?

BridgetI had my nose done last March, so I have had them for about a year now.

BC– Can you tell us about the ear stretching process? How long it took  you to get there?

BridgetIt has been a very long journey, I started stretching my ears when I was 13. Its been about 9 years now.

BC-Slow and steady

BridgetThey have been really big, they were almost 2 inches, 1 ¾ at biggest and have been really small at ¾

BC– So do you find it easy to go bigger and smaller?

BridgetEverybody is different. My ears shrink up a lot when I take out my plugs (but they will never shrink back to “normal sized lobes”).

BC– So what about your dermal? Did it hurt? How was that experience?

BridgetIt was actually my least painful piercing. I thought it was going to be terrible. But it was not hard at all.

BC– How did your piercer do the dermal implant?

BridgetEvery piercing shop is different, some places punch out your skin, my piercer took a scalpel and made a tiny incision and then took the dermal jewelry and shoved it in, it sounds painful but it was not bad at all.

BC– Why did you get both sides of your nose pierced?

BridgetI like things to be symmetrical.

BC– Do you have any advice for people who want to get nose piercings, dermals, or stretch their lobes?

BridgetMy advice is that you can’t over anticipate. I have made myself cry before. You have to remember that it is not going to be that bad.

BC– Which piercing hurt the most?

Bridget My septum.

BC– So you have had other piercings that you do not currently have in now. What other piercings have you had?

Bridget  –Basically everything. One of my best friends from back home went through a phase where thought she was a piercer and used us as guinea pigs and would pierce us(my friends and I) all the time. I have had everything from things in my stomach and my belly button to like everything on my face imaginable and my ears.

BC- It is cool that you just do it for the experience and then decide to take them out shortly after. Like a trial period.

Bridget- (She laughs) Yea, I usually take them out after about one month.

BCDo you have any other interesting piercing stories?

BridgetThe professional piercer who does my work now, back home in Syracuse NY, just puts a blindfold over my face while I am being pierced so I don’t get scared!

BC- Like you mentioned earlier, the anticipation is worse than the actual piercing.

Bridget- Pretty much

BC- Well you keep that blindfold on.

Bridget- Thanks.

(Laughter ensues)

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