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Who says Spring is all about sun-kissed?  This season skin is in, pale skin that is. As education spreads concerning the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays, now more than ever a soft, feminine, and natural complexion is as fit for fashion as it is for health.  International fashion weeks have shown purposefully un-sunned models with dewy skin across the board at Antonio Marras in Milan, Unique in London, and Band of Outsiders in New York, along with dozens of others.)

So how do you style facial piercings for a beautifully anti-tan complexion that makes use of your natural pallor?  Glad you asked.

One of the most popular styles that’s putting the uber-pale look to outstanding use is modern vintage, which encompasses touches of gothic, rockabilly, and 60’s era glam.  This fashion is easy and worry free to emulate because the most prevalent styling keeps piercings feminine and simple with polished black or stainless steel. For those with multiple piercings, a mix of hoop and ball stud styles keeps the overall look fresh while allowing pinup worthy skin to take center stage.

A more modern and youthful style that’s begun to also feature un-sunned skin prominently is rave.  Rave mixes a hint of hippie with modern grunge and a dose of girliness.  Think black leather and spikes mixed with vibrant rainbow coloring and a splash of eastern influence.  If this sounds like you and you’d like to start the season sans spray tan, just go for clean white or clear gem studs like the ladies below.

And perhaps the most prevalent fair skin style yet comes in last but certainly not least: gothic punk.  This look is extremely monochrome with only dashes of color and pattern here or there, so solid black jewelry is the way to go.  For dark and lovely gothic styling, hoop style piercing jewelry is the thing of the moment, and skinny captive rings worn in the lip particularly beg for a natural lip as well as skin, letting eyes take center stage.

So fair skinned fashionistas, let’s hear some applause.  Because right now, it’s definitely your fashion moment in (or out of) the sun.

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