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Creepy Eclecisism

Anyone who listens to witch house music can tell you, it’s an amazing and eclectic mix of a plethora of styles, all with occult undertones and a very creepy, atmospheric feel.  And surprisingly enough, witch house fashion could be described much the same way.  A little bit Southern, a tiny pinch club, a sharp chunk of dance, and equal turns hip-hop, ska, 90s rock, electronica, metal, or anything else you fancy.  Throw it all together, and the outcome is a gently frightening and beautifully dark result that’s perfect fare not only for Halloween but indeed the entirety of the rich Autumn season.

dark and atmospheric styling(source: WGSN)

Common to the aesthetic are all form of ideological imagery, intermingled with the arcane in an interesting and flavorful gumbo.  Saint Peter’s crosses, illuminati symbolism, Wiccan iconography, medieval imagery, and Egyptian hieroglyphs all feature prominently.

 inverted cross belly rings

Equally relevant are exaggerated collections of chains and spikes, generally in varying lengths, colors, or textures, and usually falling loosely in a purposefully grunge, organic manner.

 cool chain dangle tunnel plug earrings

The term “witch house” itself was only recently coined in 2009 as applicable to the style of music it describes, but this potent alternative fashion style is only now growing to its full potential.

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