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faking piercings and tattoos for costumes

Now that modification is an ever-rising hit, those who don’t or can’t have mods have more of a reason to fake them for Halloween.  Dressing up as a pirate?  Or how about a biker, a sorceress, or the girl with the dragon tattoo?  Then you’ll definitely need some little friendly fakes.

Faking tattoos is obviously easy but making them look realistic is slightly less so.  A few simple rules of thumb can help you make faux look for real though:

 making faux look for real

1. When clipping out your temporary tatt, get as close to the outline as you can, and if you’re using a simpler style like monochrome tribal art, removing bits of dead space in between color can help you out too.

2. Make sure the area you’re applying the art to is clean and shaved.  This will help prevent mess-ups with placement.

3. After your tattoo is where you want it, use translucent powder to take away some of the shine.  Alternatively, simple temporaries can be used as a jumping off point, and you can trace their outlines with gel liner before powdering them to give a matte and realistic finish.

 licensed temporary tattoo art

While it used to be a huge hassle to fake piercings (I hate those little “spring loaded” hoops, don’t you?), there’s actually a quick and easy fix for that too: illusion rings.

 faux piercing hoops

Basically, these cute little hoops come in single, double, or even triple style, and once they’re placed, it’s amazingly believable.  You can choose from styles that are plain, or those that have a moveable bead to fake the look of ball captive rings.  They apply very easily to the nostril, septum, lip, and several different parts of the ear cartilage, and are comfortable to wear.  Just place the flat edge inside the lip, nose, or under the ear rim to hide it, and with the free end exposed, it’ll look like your wearing a regular circular barbell.

 illusion rings to fake facial piercings

Wanna hide a piercing to play your favorite character?  Then check out our awesome stock of invisible retainers.

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