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Mood:  Luxe, exotic, and beachy. Think coastal lifestyle with club life styling.  Pairing the island aesthetic with a dark and almost gothic edge gives the air of mystery and imparts an alluring, forbidden garden look.

Color Palette:  Saturated tones and pitch black. Bright and luminous colors that evoke a rainforest feel. Hot hues including neons and those colors generally described as “electric” mix in sparingly to give the illusion of a tropical paradise.

Inspiration:  The vivid plumage of birds of paradise, floral photography, the rainbow riot and dip dye hair trend, brilliant runway makeup and styling at top fashion weeks, street styling in Australia, the UK, and Eastern Europe.

Mixology:  Brightened violets, indigos, and blues pair with hot pink, neon yellow, bolstered sea greens, and even shades of Spring’s “it” color: tangerine.

Practicality:  Look for small touches. Body jewelry ball tips and hoops, earring dangles, belly ring beads, belt buckles, and single clothing items. Matching to colored hair accordingly is a definite essential, as brilliant hair color should allow the face to remain a focal point of the overall look.

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