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Who She Is:

Natural, sweet, and perhaps slightly eccentric, this nature lover is well traveled and has a seriously free spirit.  Due to her many interests, unique set of hobbies, and serious penchant for planet-saving maneuvers (like properly sorting an entire neighborhood’s recyclables) her style when it comes to hair, makeup, and of course jewelry is relatively low maintenance.

What She’s Wearing:

Prone to a love of the great outdoors, materials that make her feel connected to nature are key to the modern coastal nomad aesthetic. Think untainted owl feathers, shells, rich woods, simple low-shine metals, and hematite.

Perfect Pick:

Natural shell earrings. Whether the shells are completely unprocessed, or shaped, polished, and dyed, the organic feel and beachy hues common to shell jewelry are the perfect compliment to a cascade of wavy tresses or dreadlocks and a nearly nude lip.  For Summer’s warmth, exotic brights or sandy neutrals are the best bet.

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